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Learning to surf is a lot of fun for adults and children and can lead to a great hobby for years to come.   New Smyrna Beach is the best place to learn because it provides the most consistent year-round wave breaks on the entire east coast.    

How a lesson works:

Choose your location- we will gladly teach in front of your ocean front rental condo/home or, if you're local, you can choose your favorite spot! Otherwise we will teach at the location most suitable for the current surfing conditions.​ We do not teach lessons south of Hiles Blvd.

Students will meet their instructor(s), fill out registration and release forms, then be assigned equipment based on each individuals height/weight.

There will be between 10-15 minutes of beach instruction which includes all water and surf safety, paddling out instruction, first steps of surfing, and "pop-up" practice.

For all beginners, the instructor will stay very close in the water and assist students in catching waves.


​*All students must have intermediate swimming ability

*All students must sign a registration and liabilty release form, surfing is an extreme sport and you are solely responsible for accepting the risk involved.

*Be sure to bring sunscreen!!

*Weather is always a factor! We will do our best to reschedule for inclement weather and/or waves unsuitable for learning.

*In no way is Surfin' NSB or it's affiliates responsible for injuries sustained during or after a lesson.

*We do not have a minimum age requirement, it is up to parents/guardians discretion

*When scheduling a lesson at your chosen destination we will ask for the height and weight of all participating so that we can choose the correct equipment.

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