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Frequently ASked Questions

Is an hour long enough to surf?

*Surfing involves a high level of cardiovascular activity. Anything beyond 1 hour tends to be very strenuous on beginners who are not used to the endurance required. Depending on conditions and level of paddling the majority of new surfers will be tired in 1 hour or less. As soon as the student displays any signs of exhaustion the lesson will be finished to ensure the students safety.


Am I fit enough to surf?

*Your first lesson the instructor does much of the hard work for you. They assist you in getting out and paddling into waves which is the most difficult part at first. Generally, if you can do a push up you can pop up on a surfboard. Students who engage in cardiovascular activity on a semi regular basis are likely to be more successful. 


Are there sharks?

*We will never be able to tell you there are no sharks because this is the ocean and therefore is not a controlled environment. We will not run lessons when shark activity is elevated, however there are most certainly always sharks in the ocean. The sharks we see in New Smyrna are primarily located at the inlet and we will NEVER run beginner lessons near the crowded surf breaks of the inlet. Furthermore, the sharks in NSB are mostly under 4 feet long and non life threatening.


Will I stand up my first lesson?

*We consider ourselves to have a 90% success rate in getting students standing up and riding waves in the first 30 minutes of the lesson. Students with stronger athletic abilities will stand up in the first few waves and ride all the way to the beach.


Do I need a wetsuit?

*New Smyrna water temperatures stay reasonably warm and no wetsuit is usually needed from March-November. We provide wetsuits for winter lessons.


The waves are forecast to be small for my lesson, should I reschedule?

*Absolutely not. We want small waves for your first lesson. We understand some of you are thrill seekers and want to surf the big stuff, but this is nearly impossible because new surfers physically cannot reach the outside sandbars where the big surf will be and would be dangerously exhausted in attempting. Save the big stuff for later. We will call you if the surf is so small it is not rideable.


The weather looks rainy, can we still surf?

*Absolutely! As long as there is no lightning in the area we can surf in the rain. As a matter of fact, it's a pretty awesome experience!


Is surfing dangerous?

*Surfing is by definition an "extreme sport". We will give you the tools to have the safest experience possible but the ocean is unpredictable and your reaction to it will determine your level of safety. If students follow directions, surfing can be much safer than other board sports. Falling properly and responding to the waves as instructed is essential. Please understand you are assuming all risks by participating and Surfin' NSB LLC is not responsible for injuries sustained during or after lessons. It is up to you to know and be aware of your physical limitations, do not engage in surfing if you have a previous injury that could become aggrevated or if you have a health condition that could become elevated if submerged in water. 


Do I need a rashguard?

*Rashguards are very useful for preventing discomfort from the rub of the boards on your stomach but a traditional rashguard is not needed. An old t-shirt does the same trick or a 1 piece bathing suit for females if you prefer not to wear a shirt.


I am extremely afraid of sharks and the ocean, should I surf?

*Some degree of fear is expected when learning anything new. The main concern will be your reactions to the ocean itself, fear causes poor reactions so if you are extremely afraid of the ocean it is best you hold off from surfing until you feel more comfortable.


Can I use my surfboard in the lesson?

*We have no problem allowing you to use your own board for the lesson as long as the length/width of the board is proportionate to your height/weight as needed for a beginner.


Do you rent your boards?

*We do not rent our boards but we have shop recommendations that will be convenient for rentals. We usually recommend waiting to rent boards until the day after your lesson if you're staying in town so you can rest and restart fresh the next day which will prevent injuries.


Do kids wear lifejackets or water wings while surfing?

*If you or your child cannot swim without the assistance of water wings or life jackets we recommend waiting until they or you are more proficient swimmers. Young surfers under age 6 will never be taken out past their waist but it is still safer to know how to swim.


Do you require a deposit to reserve?

*Yes, we do.  Please note, this is just a hold on a credit/ debit card of your choice.  We do not charge your card until AFTER the lesson is complete!  If you need to reschedule or cancel please let us know as soon as possible.  If you cancel within 48 hours of your lesson start time, you will be charged 50% of the total cost. Same day cancellations will be charged 100% of the total cost.  If you are running late please let us know, and the lesson will run from your arrival up to the amount of time remaining with no pro-ration.  Please understand we do this out of respect for those who surf after you, and respect for our hard-working instructors.  Please be courteous and refrain from simply not showing up.











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