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Surfing Lesson Terms and Conditions

  • CONDO LESSONS ON NON DRIVE BEACH: You must meet your instructor IN THE PARKING LOT of the condo with a parking pass and to fill out liability release forms. Time spent searching for you or obtaining a parking pass will be deducted from your lesson time and rate will not be prorated for lost time.

  • Your instructor will send you a text message before arriving.

  • WATER TIME WILL ALWAYS VARY DEPENDING ON WAVE CONDITIONS, DRIFT, AND WEATHER. All variables stable, each surfer will get 45 minutes to 1 hour of water time and we operate on a 3 surfers to one instructor ratio on large surf condition days and 4 surfers to 1 instructor on small surf condition days. 

  • A reservation for over 4 surfers does not mean that all surfers will get 2 hours. You will EITHER get 1 instructor for 2 hours and we will take students out in separate groups (1 hour each group) or 2 instructors for 1 hour and you will all surf together. Setup depends on surf conditions and availability at time of booking. 

  • Our Instructors are professional surfers, they will make decisions based on what is safe and suitable for learning. We reserve the right to alter times and setup for your safety and the safety of those around you. 

  • We apologize but there will be no prorations for surfers that do not use their entire hour and no prorations if you are late and do not get a full hour. If your instructor is running behind schedule we will make you aware and a delay due to the instructor getting to you will not be deducted from your lesson time.

  • We do not teach south of Hiles Blvd. If you are located south of Hiles, your surfing location will be set at Hiles which has easy parking and beach access.

  • Surfing is an extreme sport and you assume all liability in participation by yourself, your child(ren), or your ward. 

  • Surfin' NSB LLC will always request a phone number in order to contact you the day of your lesson for confirmation, problems finding you at the beach, or unfavorable weather updates. We will never share your number with a 3rd party. It's very important that you provide a mobile phone number for a phone you intend on having with you at the beach, please do not provide a home phone or a phone number of someone not attending the lesson.

  • If you or your child has a physical or mental handicap it is wise to alert your instructor prior to the lesson so that she or he can adjust teaching methods to accommodate.  Safety is our #1 priority and surfing is an extreme sport. The more information you give us the better we can accommodate and guide you to success.

  • Surfin' NSB will not teach anyone who is seemingly or obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Students not following the instructors safety guidelines will be asked to exit the water. No refunds will be given if a student is not following safety instructions and is asked to exit the water.

  • All reservations will be charged for the number of students they reserve unless notice is given at least 72 hours prior to your lesson that any surfers will not be participating. Surfin' NSB blocks hours based on the number of students in a session.

  • Please inform Surfin' NSB or your instructor at least 24 hours before your lesson if you intend on adding surfers to the lesson.

  • If your reservation is after 11am on the drive portion of the beach we advise you to arrive at least 30 minutes early to find parking.

  • If you have a previous injury that could become aggravated while surfing we advise you not to attempt surfing. 

  • Our most important condition is that you have fun!!

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